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I have no affiliation with these organizations or websites.  I am providing these links because I feel their work is important.

General Links

Shiloh's Civil War Relics home page. If you ever go down to Shiloh, stop in and say "Hi". You DON'T want to miss it! This shop is not too far from the Shiloh National Battlefield. We all met Rafael Eledge and were in his shop in April. Lori and Rafael are very kind people and very fair! They have a fantastic collection of relics. They also have an EXCELLENT collection of books!

Recreating History Home page. Lots of great stuff here! Reenacting groups from all periods of history!

Theodore Roosevelt Home page. I, myself, was named after our beloved president. This is a GREAT page! Check out the the link "The Rough Riders"at this web site! Teddy's book on the US Volunteer Cavalry!

Reenactor Net Home page. More GREAT reenacting stuff!!!

The Living History Foundation Home page. A group that supports first person impressions.

VMI Home Page - The Virginia Military Institute. Excellent site.

Colonial Williamsburg Online - Not much to say about this one! It is a very nice site.

Conner Prairie Home Page - Indiana's very own living history village, just a few miles north of Indianapolis.


Informational Pages

The Civil War Home Page. TONS of Civil War related stuff. You can spend HOURS here!

The Guild Press. Hey, if you can spare a small sum of $70.00, you can have the "Official Records" and Dyer's Compendium all on one CD! I'm not getting any kickbacks, not promoting their product, and can't yet afford a copy myself yet, but I have seen the product and it is pretty good.

Battle Flags of the Confederacy. They also have a few photos of some nice rifles!

The Civil War Soldiers & Sailor's System. When it finally is complete, we might see something good. I've waited for months and haven't seen any lick of progress. Rumor has it they are still in a heated battle over some copyright legalities! Perhaps we will see something soon?!?!?

The Civil War Poetry and Music home page! If you don't have Netscape 3.0 or a midi plug in, GET IT! Great site!


Civil War Sharpshooter Pages

What is a sharpshooter? What is a sharpshooter as opposed to a sniper.

Co. C, 2nd US Sharpshooters - Company C of Berdan's Sharpshooters. This is a unit reenacting group with a long history.

27th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry - Company G, Charleston Sharpshooters. A very good page on the history of the unit and Charleston (I used to live in Summerville and am partial to this page).

30th Battalion, Virginia Sharpshooters (CSA) - This page is from another Indiana sharpshooter organization.

Brady's Michigan Sharpshooters home page.


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