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Ted's Place

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National Catholic Ministry to the Bereaved



Tom Golden's Crisis, Grief and Healing Website

I have no affiliation with these organizations or websites.  I am providing these links because I feel their work is important.

Ted's Web Creations

Ted's Appearance on FoodTV's Calling All Cooks
Ted was guest chef number 110 on FoodTV's Calling All Cooks.  Come learn about his experience and get a copy of this wonderful recipe!

The Art Company
This is a sight I designed for an excelent artist in Dalton, GA.  I'm not saying that just because he's my uncle.  He's VERY GOOD!  Many photos of some of his work Decorative Painting, Trompe l'Oeil, Faux Finishes, Glass Art, Murals, Gold Leafing, Iconography are among the many painted environments he has expience.  It's worth your visit.  If you have any visual art needs, give him a call!

United States Military Telegraph

Ted Wagner's Waltons TV Show Page
What can I say!  I'm a Waltons nut.  Some people may think I am a nut.  I grew up with the Waltons.  This is my small page in honor of this family oriented TV Show.

Ted's Genealogy
This is the very basic start of my familys' genealogy. [Wagner, Pastuzsak, Robinson, Wells]

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