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Welcome to Ted Wagner's Waltons page!

The Waltons

Welcome to my Waltons page. Before I begin my narrative of my experiences with the Waltons TV show, let me provide a link to the Walton's home page. Click on the following link to go to the only "official" Walton's home page I have found on the internet: The Waltons.

This page isn't full of pictures or links, just memories of growing up with the Waltons. There are, however, a short list of links to other Waltons web pages on the internet.

I must admit that I do not recall the first time I watched an episode of The Waltons. However, I do recall becoming very familiar with the faces, smiles, laughter, tears, and anxieties of a family that Gathered around the kitchen table and new radiocould very well have been my own.  Perhaps as a child I never saw the significance; now, as an adult, I do. I, like all the other Walton children, looked up to the character John-Boy. I slowly became interested in the written word and the feelings that can be forever recorded with a pencil.

In high school, I began to write poems and essays that seemed to reflect some styles reminiscent of John-Boy's narrative in the show. To this day, I enjoy reading a good book and taking time to write a few words. I will never forget the ageless voice of Earl Hamner as he read the narrative of John-Boy's character during each episode.

Perhaps some people will think I am a fantasizing fool for fondly regarding the Walton family as my second family. But, I do not. If, I am so lucky, that someday my own wife declares me an "old fool." I shall smile and think fondly of Will Geer, my third grandfather who meant as much to me as my "real life" grandfathers. I will never forget being confused when Grandma Walton came home after her stroke. My mother somehow found the words to explain what had happened to her. However, I never quite understood what family meant and what grandmothers mean to young boys until my own grandmother passed away in 1977. My mother's parents were so much like Ester and Zeb. It warms my heart to watch Grandma and Grandpa Walton tease each other just as my grandparents had. Watching each episode reminds me of my grandparents.

There are several shows of the 1970's which always seem to bring a tear to a few eyes.   The Waltons is one of the most memorable. Perhaps it is Olivia when she tries to be brave as she leaves for the sanitorium shortly after finding out about her tuberculoses. Or, perhaps it is when Mary Ellen was so brave herself when everyone heard the news of Pearl Harbor; no one knew the fate of her husband Curtis. Or, perhaps it is when Earl Hamner reads the narrative during Jason's presentation of his final music project in college, "Appalacian Portrait."

The Walton family home is a place I could easily walk into and feel at home. I know it almost better than the house I left in 1978 after nearly 10 years. My goal is to build a replica of that house, in miniature so that I will always have a memory of my "second home."

It is amazing what TV has done for us since it first emerged. There are many TV shows that have been very good and few have been long running programs. But, inWaltons Family Photo my eyes there will never be one as important as The Waltons. It was a significant contribution to my life and I know it was for many others. I am disappointed that no other TV show has emerged with the same committment to family values in recent years.  We have had few TV shows of this caliber since the final Waltons episode. Although we may never fully know the social impact of TV shows on American society, I know that The Waltons had a significant impact on my family directly and its contribution can not be under-estimated.

My congratulations to Earl Hamner and the cast of The Waltons on the longevity of the show. The show began in 1972 and can still be viewed on some TV and cable TV stations around the country.

Congratulations again, and a very warm thank you to the cast and all the people who made the series possible.

Walton's Easter Eggs!

While watching the Walton's TV show, you can often find little "easter eggs".  These can be bloopers, "hidden" items in a scene, etc.  I will look for easter eggs;  then "hint" what show and scene the easter egg is.  I won't reveal it.  If you find an easter egg and would like for it to appear on this page, please email me.  I'll provide the egg with due credit to you.   Please note:  These easter eggs are not intended to find flaws or errors in the episodes.  They are, however, meant to make you look more carefully at how the series was put together and how it was influenced by the 1970's.  This is strictly for fun.

Easter Eggs

Finders of the Easter Eggs

Scott and Karen Vestal are the first people to find an easter egg!  They found the easter egg in The Hero.

If you know of any easter eggs, please send me an email trwagner1@yahoo.com .  Please list the show and a clue about the scene where the easter egg is located.  I will provide your easter egg on this web page and give your name as the source.

Waltons Internet Links

The Waltons Home Page.

The Waltons Mountain Museum

Ike Godsy's Gift Shop - Some day I will visit the gift shop and museum. For now, I will have to settle for calling them on the phone and ordering.

The Waltons on the Family Channel

new2.gif (1044 bytes)  Brenda's Tribute to the Waltons  Brenda has a wonderful web page dedicated to the Waltons.  Her page has many photos, including those she's taken of her visits to Schuyler, VA.  Her recent visit is of the Zenith Tombstone radio used on the set of the Waltons TV show.   She's a big fan!  A very nice web page, one not to miss!

The Nelson County, Virginia Home page. Nelson County Virginia is where Earl Hamner grew up and is also where the Walton Museum is located.

The Waltons Mailing List "The mailing list is sent in digest form, once or twice each week. It's a really friendly group with people of all ages involved so come and join us. We discuss all sorts of Waltons matters and it's a great way to keep up to date with all the latest gossip about this family."

The Walton Family Kitchen - IN MINIATURE!  Now THIS is what I want to do, but on a bigger scale!

Jessica's Waltons Page

new2.gif (1044 bytes)  The Will Geer Botanicum - This is the Botanicum dedicated and named after Will Geer in California.  Did ya'll know Will was a hoosier? 


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