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God Needed Another Angel

Angel of Sorrow - Glasgow


My mother died suddenly in December of 1996.  I am an amateur poet.  Two nights later, while lying in bed, this came to me.  I jotted it down and refined it in about 30 minutes.  This poem was read and dedicated to my mother at her funeral service.

We all know that heaven grows
and God needs new angels.

His plan is hard to accept and to understand.
But, as God’s children, we must accept through faith.

It will take time to heal from the loss of our angel.
But, that is ok, because it will be done with tears of love.

She had more than enough love to share with everyone
and we are deeply saddened to see her leave.

We want to share more of our love with her,
and enjoy the love she has for us.

But God needs her
to share that love with everyone else.

God needed another angel,
and each time we see a cherub,
we will always think of you.

With all my Love,


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