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U.S. Civil War Web Site Links


Indiana Related Civil War Web Sites

Civil War Artillery Web Site
49th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Company F
38th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Company H
19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Company A
Indiana in the Civil War
Indiana Historical Society

General Sites of Interest

Signal Corps Association Reenactor's Division (SCARD)

Welcome to the U.S. Army Military History Institute
MHI Photograph Database
Welcome to the U.S. Army Military History Institute
Amana Colonies Online Resource
Ancestral Journeys Home Page
Historian's Gallery
49th Indiana
85th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Home Page
Brady's Sharpshooters
Cindy Renfrow
Cory Condiff
CW Links
Getting more info about civil
Historian's Gallery
HTML document for the World Wide Web
Muzzleloader, Historical, Blackpowder,Hunting, Reenacting
Reenactors Page
Shiloh National Military Park
The Civil War Press Software
War Between The States
Civil War in Charleston
Godey's Lady's Book -By Hope Greenberg
Library of Congress - Civil War Photos
Dakota State Civil War Resources Page
The American Civil War Home Page
Valley of the Shadow - Living the Civil War ...
CW Diaries (8th IL Vol Inf)
Sources of Civil War information
Letters Home From a Soldier
Camp Chase Gazette
American Battlefield Protection Program
American Civil War Association
Australian reenactors
Civil War Books
Civil War in Alabama - Study Guide for Grades 5-12
Civil War Art
CW Resources on Internet DSU
C. Clayton Thompson - Bookseller
Flags of the Confederacy
Geneology and the Amer. Civil War
Ghost Riders Stunt Group
Living History Re-enactor Network
Louisiana Division Sons of Confederate Veterans
National Civil War Association
ReEnactors of the American Civil War
Shareware Civil War Images
Widow Barfield's Cookhouse Schedule
The Confederate Network
Civil War Money
Civil War Press
Civil War in Charleston
Civil War Regimental Information System
NPS CW Soldiers and Sailors System
The Confederate American
National Park Service
Sons of Confederate Veterans.
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Reenacting Groups


5th RegimentNew Hampshire
1st NY Vol Engineers
8th OVI Co. B
37th IL Infantry Co. B
53rd PA Infantry Co. C
6th OH Vol Infantry
76th OH Vol Infantry
Army of the Pacific
Irish Brigade
Mifflin Guard
12th New Jersey, Co. K
20th Maine, Co. E
11th Pennsylvania, Co. I
The 14th Brooklyn NYSM (International)
Michigan Soldier's Aid Society



1st South Carolina Arillery, CSA
19th AL Infantry Co. I
19th Ala Inf Regt Co. H
1st Louisiana Brigade
33rd AL Infantry Co. E
7th LA Infantry
8th AR Cavalry
8th LA Infantry
Archer's Brigade ANV
Trans-Mississippi Rifles
18th Mississippi, Co. B
44th Virginia Infantry
7th Tennessee Infantry, Co. B

Of Interest to Reenactors

The Clothier's Home Page On-line catalog and on-line ordering!!!!
Re-creating History Home Page
Civil War Music Store ... Re-created Civil War music by Bobby Horton
19th Alabama Infantry Regiment Home Page
Jason Townsend & Sons
The Atlantic Trading Comapny
Civil War Antiques in Malabar, Florida

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