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Welcome to Ted's Place


NASCAR Driver?  Huh, I wish!  Not in a Ford!

Our New School Prayer

Flag Etiquette
Take a look at flag etiquette.  Ever wonder why flags are at half mast when they shouldn't be???

Happy 2000 New Year!

All you doom-sayers out there?  You were WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG
Kiss my patootie!  HAHA!

My Web Creations

Janis Marie Wagner - Our Daughter's Web Page

A collection of our family recipes and recipes of German and Polish origin.  All recipes will be credited to the original cook or source.
I've discovered the world of Video Capture!  I'll also soon have my own scanner for home use.  Watch for the Wagner/Robinson family album online!
Ted's Coffee PageNEW!
My exploration on "the world of coffee".  Included will be coffee related internet links, articles, photos, and perhaps some reviews.
Squirrel Tail Mess
This is the home page of our Civil War sharpshooter detachment.
The Art Company
This is a sight I designed for an excelent artist in Dalton, GA.  I'm not saying that just because he's my uncle.  He's VERY GOOD!  Many photos of some of his work Decorative Painting, Trompe l'Oeil, Faux Finishes, Glass Art, Murals, Gold Leafing, Iconography are among the many painted environments he has expience.  It's worth your visit.  If you have any visual art needs, give him a call!
Mud Watch Home Page
A web site to watch the mud-slinging politicians!  Want to know how a particular US Congressman voted on a bill?  Here's a page that has a link for that information.   Want to learn more about the ins and outs of Indiana politics?  Want to know more about your elected officials in Hendrick's County Indiana?  Go to this web site, educate yourself politically -- make up your mind yourself and find out which political advertisement is a bunch of horse pucky!  If you have any link or content suggestions, please let me know.
Wagner Computer Consulting
Extra contract work I do.
Ted Wagner's Waltons TV Show Page
What can I say!  I'm a Waltons nut.  Some people may think I am a nut.  I grew up with the Waltons.  This is my small page in honor of this family oriented TV Show.
Ted's Chinese Web Links
It has taken me a long time to compile this link of Chinese links.  These are provided to better assist you in understanding China and Chinese culture/traditions.
Ted's Polish Web Links
For the past 6 months, I've collected Polish links from all over the internet. I've tried to collect a wide variety of quality links.  Included are recipe links, cultural links, and genealogy links.
Places I've Been/Seen
This is a list of places I've lived, visited, seen, etc. including high schools I attended.

Misc Web Pages

City of Plainfield - Home page of our beautiful little town.
Indianapolis Star and News
Indianapolis morning and evening newspapers.
Search the net! Click on this link for a quick and easy way to search the web without all the hassle!

Ted Wagner
Plainfield, IN
United States


Cool Internet Radio!

DiscJockey.Com DiscPlayer

All kinds of wonderful music.  My favorite channel:   Sensational 70's!  Make sure you have a good, fast connection before trying this link; it could time-out on you.

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