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(342 fish caught)

JUNE 19TH – JUNE 24th 2001

Report Compiled by Phil Smith

Our group consisted of Smiths – Brent, Cory, Jeff, Keith & Phil Other member of group was Larry Mower Jeff drove to Phil’s and the group left Phil’s at 2:00 P.M. Drove Phil’s van and Keith’s cady. Stopped in Chicago at 5:30 for a White Sox game with Kansas City. Left the ball park and drove straight through and International Falls for breakfast 8AM. Bought worms and got to Northern Wilderness at 9:30. We took a gross of worms with us. Because of weight, we had to pay for bait ($40). Did not agree with scales since we were sure of our weight. Vic was at a funeral and when we returned, he said he would make it right next year.

We flew out at 10:05 and arrived at Carrillon Lake at 12:15. It was a very rough ride this time and Phil and Larry were very glad to arrive at the cabin

Brent rode in co-pilot seat and we are not sure if he can co-pilot any tiime soon. It was a rough ride most of the way and the pilot went out of his way to check on another plane. Cory was our pilot on the way back and it was much smoother Total mileage from Markle – roundtrip was 1,635 miles. Total flight distance one-way was 194 miles.


Fish Chart (keepers/total) Total Fish 57/342 

Please note that keepers meant that we keep them for freezing or eating. There were times that we threw back larger fish and keep smaller ones to eat. We brought home 13 and ate 44 in three meals. Also, Larry use two poles and some members thought his count should be split for each pole.


Day Cory Larry Keith Brent Jeff Phil
  Keep Total Keep Total Keep Total Keep Total Keep Total Keep Total
Tuesday 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 10 3 6 2 4
Wednesday 0 7 3 23 2 7 0 13 3 15 0 15
Thursday 0 3 2 10 0 2 5 18 2 9 0 9
Friday 5 14 7 34 4 13 0 13 0 1 1 4
Saturday 0 0 3 17 0 3 3 26 2 18 0 4
Sunday 2 4 0 9 0 3 0 16 0 2 0 6
Week Total 8 29 19 95 7 29 10 96 10 51 3 42

Larger fish: Northern Pike A couple of 6 pounders and the rest were smaller Walleye: Larry 4.25lbs 21.5 inches 

We froze and brought home 12 walleye and 1 northern pike. Walleye averaged 18 inches.


Meal Chart

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Tuesday Serve Yourself Fish, Potatoes, Corn
Wednesday Eggs, Potato, Bacon Serve Yourself Rib eye, baked Potato, Green Beans
Thursday Ham, Pancakes Serve Yourself Fish / Potatoes/ baked beans
Friday Eggs / Potatoes / Bacon Serve Yourself Pork Chops / baked Potatoes/ peas/corn
Saturday Morning Pancakes, Bacon Serve Yourself Fish , Potatoes, Corn deep fried fish BIG hit
Sunday Bacon / french toast

Special “Stories”

Tuesday- Temp 60 – 70 mostly sunny. Cool fishing on lake. Fished with rain gear and warm clothing.

Wednesday –Larry went out at 5:00 for potty time and the door locked behind him. He watched the stars for awhile and then had to knockon door to wake someone to let him in. He enjoyed the stars “briefly”. Sea plane picked up fishermen at other cabin on lake and brought in 10 more. 2 were from OHIO but not sure about the others. Saw them occasionly on the lake.

Thursday – Keith and Cory were trolling along the shore line and “stumbled” across campsite with diapers. Family had been there some time earlier and left some items. They had cut down some large trees and made their own out door bath room (just seat without walls). Next they found a beaver dam that had made a small lake that had a water level 8 feet higher than the lake. It was very interesting. Rest of group went to these sights the next day.

Friday – Brent put two 6 horse motors on one the the boats for more (?) adventure. There were a few races to see if it really did any good or whether he just used twice as much gas. On Sat. It took 5 miles for this boat (with Jeff, Phil, & Brent) to edge out Larry in one of the other boats with a single engine.

Saturday – Jeff and Brent each caught two fish at the same time. After hooking a walleye, a nothern pike would grab the walleye in its mouth and would not let go and they netted both fish.

Weather – Cool and clouded the first two days. Fished with warm clothes and rain suits all day. The next two days were warm and sunny and we were able to get some sun bathing in. Really got pretty warm when there was no breeze. Saturday, it was nice until the evening trip and a thunderstorm went around us. Sunday, we fished in our rain suits and we were almost cold. It was 25 degrees warmer when we landed from our two hour flight back to Fort Frances