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Smith Family Canadian Fishing Trip
Checklist for 2001

This list is currently incomplete


Try to pack so the total weight of everything you bring is 80lbs or less (including water).

If we meet or go below the weight limit of 80lbs per person, we get some free bait.

Items we brought and didn't need

Radio (No clear stations) Lures (See List Above)  
Extra batteries    
Snacks (small items ok)    
Duplication of powdered drinks    

* Lures - We found that it's sufficient just to bring a good variety of jigs, perhaps some spoons.  Other tackle is unnecessary.  Bring loooong needle nose plyers or hook removers.  The surgical clamps Ted had were "ok", but needle nose plyers and the big hook remover like Phil had is best for bigger fish.  We found yellow, pink, and sometimes chartreuse colors worked best.  Buy a jig kit with lots of colors and a variety of weight (1/4 as well as 3/8, etc.)

** Water - We can bring 10 gallons of water from home, or bring sanitation/clarification tablets to purify the water.  The water contains tannic acid.  The nasties can be filtered out, but the taste may or may not change after purification.