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4th Annual Smith Family Canadian Trip
Fishing Supplies
Tuesday June 19 Sunday June 24, 2001

This year on our trip, we will return the same lake as 2000. This lake is in Area 3 (194 miles) from Fort Francis, Ontario. Plane leaves around 10AM. The lake has a 3 bedroom remodeled cabin that sleeps 10 to 12 people. Carillon Lake is about 7 miles long and 2 miles wide. We will have 5 boats with 6 horse motors. Asked for larger!!!!

Package Prices:
Sportsman is $775 (take home 2 fish each species)
Fisherman is $795 (take home 4 fish each species)
Note: There is a $20.00 provincial tax on top of these prices!!!

Please send your $150 deposit to Jeff Smith by May 1, 2001.  After this date, we will ask others to join us to fill the cabin. You choose package when you fly out.

Weight Limit     80 pounds per person
Water                 2 gallon per person or pills or drops to purify
Pop                     6 cans per person

This is a list of bait that we used on our fishing trip in 2000.  Remember:  If we all meet or fall below the weight limit of 80 pounds of gear per person, we'll get the bait for free.  This amount of bait is a bit expensive.
Leeches     pound per person
Minnows     3 dozen per person
Crawlers     purchase 10 pound purchased fresh in International Falls, MN USA

Supplies for the Group
Paper plates
One person bring
Plastic Forks & Spoons One person bring
Powdered drinks enough to make 16 quarts - one person bring this
One coleman lantern
One person bring
Wet cell batteries
must be in wood box or bring ATV dry cell batteries
Weather Reports
before you go (Red Lake in Canada) for our lake & area on the internet

New Fishermen

Two poles; one 5 to 5.5 medium to light with 10 lb test (walleye)
Medium to heavy with 12 or larger lb test (northern pike)
Best oz lead head jigs; (in year 2000 pink, yellow, & green were best)
A few 1/8 oz jigs
Spoons to cast for northern (silver, pink were best 2000)
Plenty of steel leaders (used for all fishing) bring no less than 6 to 8.

NorthWestern Outfitters will supply life jackets, sleeping bags & liners (for sleeping bags). You should bring own pillow, towel. Pack clothing very light. (both warm & cold) Rain gear is a must.